Konrad Tempel


This abstract art series is the logical development of my minimalist style.

I was always interested in creating strong compositions. First with photography, then evolving in my signature mixed media style, and here, I abandoned all realism. Working with color, lines, and contrast to create pure minimal abstract art.

Angle stands for the geometric form as well as for the viewpoint or standpoint. And this is precisely what this series is about: my view on the world—expressed in a minimal and abstract way.

Release: from February 2023 
Medium: Vector art
Pieces: ongoing
Platform: Foundation
Price: 0.15 floor

The other side

Angle #1 · green on green
Edition of 15

Sold out. Secondary on Foundation

I see you

Angle #2 · red on red

0.15 ETH on Foundation


Angle #3 · taupe on black

Collected by @1229

Past and present

Angle #4 · red and green on blue

0.15 ETH on Foundation

Peace within

Angle #5 · black on blue and gray

0.15 ETH on Foundation