Hi there
I‘m Konrad Tempel

I guess I'm this typical
urban creative millennial
everybody's talking
Designing, shooting, directing
and photographing
my way through a
freelance life.
Over the years, I made a great deal of web and print designs, shot some awesome imagefilms and music videos, and got myself into producing a bunch of YouTube channels. I even cofounded a YouTube Multi Channel Network.
I love creating.
Yeah, YouTube is a big passion of mine. As a matter of fact, I made a touchdown at Google London and got officially YouTube Certified. So, it’s safe to say I’m an expert now (most definitely- After all, I run a whole blog about it).
Let’s keep in touch! You wish to talk about some business or just say ‘hello’, simply mail me at: konradtempel@gmail.com
And social media?
I’m most frequent at Instagram. You could also catch me occasionally on Twitter.
Konrad Tempel, Schwedter Str. 28, 10119 Berlin, Germany +49175 333 9163