Konrad Tempel


Farbfeld (german for color field) is a generative art project about color and its influence on spaces, our feelings, and our imagination. I am a massive admirer of abstract color field art by Mark Rothko, Newman, Reinhardt, or Josef Albers. And in the tradition of this incredible art, I have developed an algorithm that creates randomly generated color matches and combines them into minimalistic abstract works of art.

We are one

Interconnected collective existence.
This abstract work is about people, connection and community.


I was always interested in creating strong compositions. First with photography, then evolving in my signature mixed media style, and here, I abandoned all realism. Working with color, lines, and contrast to create pure minimal abstract art. Angle stands for the geometric form as well as for the viewpoint or standpoint. And this is precisely what this series is about: my view on the world—expressed in a minimal and abstract way.

Motion #1

Motion #1 is an abstract animation series. The randomly generated pieces slowly change and evolve over time. While creating, I kept the environment of a home or workspace in mind where you want to take advantage of all possibilities that digital art has to offer but don’t want to have a flashy or distracting animation looping.

Alone Synthesis

The idea for “Synthesis” was born while I put together my “Alone” collection. Searching for the absolute minimal, the essence of the protagonist’s relationship with his environment, I experimented with graphic elements in my photography. And I fell in love. The form language of minimal abstract art is paired with the story of real people. This series is the essence of what I want to express with my art.


Alone is about the relationship between urban spaces and a single person. With this series, I combined my passion for street photography and my love for minimal, abstract compositions, clear lines, and high contrast.

Berlin Moments

This collection is about my hometown Berlin and the little moments I caught with my camera over the years.

Hi, I am Konrad Tempel, a freelance creative based in Berlin, Germany. I have been drawing, designing and shooting all my life. I drew comics as a child, sprayed graffiti as a teenager, and as an adult, I use my skills in the creative industry. I also have been a passionate street photographer for many years and have experimented with pixel art, glitch animation, and digital drawings.

In web3, I finally found a community of like-minded creative people and have now come a little closer to my dream of living as a full-time artist.