Konrad Tempel

Art Projects


Farbfeld (german for color field) is a generative art project about color and its influence on spaces, our feelings, and our imagination.

ALONE Synthesis

The idea for "Synthesis" was born while I was putting together my "Alone" collection. Searching for the absolute minimal, the essence of the protagonist's relationship with his environment, I experimented with graphic elements in my photography. And I fell in love. The form language of minimal abstract art is paired with the story of real people.


Street photography has been a passion of mine for many years. And I love minimal, abstract compositions, clear lines, and high contrasts. I focus on the relationship between urban spaces and a single person in this collection, using these design elements.

Berlin Moments

This collection is about my hometown Berlin and the little moments I caught with my camera over the years.

Motion #1

Motion #1 is an abstract animation series. The randomly generated pieces slowly change and evolve over time.

Commercial Work

Freelance Projects

Work I did over the years of shooting, designing, and editing my way through a freelance live. Currently under construction.

About Konrad Tempel

Hi, I am Konrad Tempel, a freelance creative based in Berlin, Germany. I have been drawing, designing, shooting, and creating all my life. I drew comics as a child, sprayed graffiti as a teenager, and as an adult, I use my skills in the creative industry. I also have many hobby- and art projects: I have been a passionate street photographer for many years and have experimented with pixel art, glitch animation, and digital drawings.

In web3, I finally found a community of like-minded creative people and have now come a little closer to my dream of living as a full-time artist.